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Zero profit on our kids' mattresses

Our 'Kids at Cost' mattress range has been designed and created to make quality support more affordable - these 4 mattresses are sold at cost – meaning zero profit.

There are many kids’ mattresses in the markrt place that range a lot in price, but virtually all are lacking in real quality. it is shocking how sub-standard springs and fillers are the norm, even in the really expensive mattresses out there.

So here is a range of high-quality natural kid’s mattresses using the high quality springs, cotton covers and organic wool as we all demand in our adult mattresses. That would often mean they would be too expensive, which is why we have chosen to sell the 'Kids at Cost' range at zero profit.

Sleep matters and we want all children to have the best of sleeping environments.

Sale - Up to 30% off - Ends Monday

...a perfect sleep for everyone

  • My new range of cotton, organic wool and natural material mattresses are amazing. Whether you’re on a budget or you want the best mattress money can buy, we’ve got it.

    Launching my new business online allows me to offer all of this at better prices than ever before – meaning I can even sell kids mattresses for zero profit.

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