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Organic+ 3000 Ultimate AirSee Comfort & Firmness →

Of the time honoured quality fillers that go into the most expensive world-famous mattresses and, barring the use of horsehair, I chose quality soft-core coconut coir fiber to be our breathable and flexible support barrier which surrounds this Ultimate mattresses spring unit. Its natural fillers are readily available within a low-impact environment. I chose organic wool because it is of such great comfort, as well as being incredibly responsive to our 'homeostatic' need to self-temperature regulate, which means being able to cool down and warm up easily throughout the night allowing the body to temperature regulate freely. I added as much organic wool as practical to achieve the desired firmness rating. The coconut coir barrier pad between the spring unit, which breathe really well; all allow for extremely good airflow and consistently good comfort and support as the years go by. All the constituents of this mattress are hand-bound together with wool-finished tufts. It is a single-sided mattress which encourages the air to move through it more than any other mattress, and of course this makes it easier to manage when only needing to rotate it regularly. - Fantastic Mattress! (Warren Evans)

The GOTS certified British wool we use maintains the flexibility within wool fibres so that the strands bounce back again and again, crucial to enhancing the properties of wool helping it to:

  • Wick away moisture, removing heat when you're hot and insulating you when you're cold.
  • Reduce the moisture held in your mattress, vastly increasing the healthy air and creating a micro fungi-free environment.
  • Completely deters dust mites from being in or breeding on organic wool- reducing asthma and allergies  
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria and fungus growth

Most manufacturers will not use organic wool because of the inhibitive cost; especially as it is much harder to machine, prepare, and manage - but we know its well worth it!

The Air Sprung unit provides a “tri-level support” accommodating individuals of various weights and sizes.

The Air Sprung mattress is specifically beneficial for people across the weight spectrum accommodating to all types of sleeper's preferred sleeping positions.. As weight increases in particular places on the mattress from your body, the top and lower spring become engaged and resist excess indentation and spinal curvature, reducing lower and middle backaches.

The design not only allows lighter individuals to experience comfortable support but also ensures robust support for those with a heavier weight, delivering exceptional uninterrupted sleep.

This mattress has an exceptionally responsive and comfortable spring unit which over the years, outperforms a traditional pocket spring. It responds to your body's shape, delivering consistent year-in, year-out support. The patented German Air spring responds in a three-dimensional resistance pattern that allows for continued comfort and uncompromised support. As the fillers of all mattresses age, giving less and less soft arch support, these springs will continue, year after year, to feel as comfortable as they did on day one. Good-quality springs do much more as a support provider than anything else for long-lasting comfort.

It's a truly lovely mattress to sleep on. It's made the last 2 years of sleeping on it a lovely sleeping experience. (Warren Evans)

When purchasing a natural mattress and opting to completely avoid foams or rubber latex materials, one is confronted with a brand-new smell. Instead of it being the scent of glue, rubber, or foam, choosing any of our organic mattresses means you will experience the delightful fragrance of a beautiful farmyard for a few days. Not a pigsty, but rather the scent of a field with horses. It will dissipate quickly and poses absolutely no harm!

All of the wool within our mattresses is from British sheep and has been GOTS certified

  1. Natural 100% Egyptian cotton cover, with only natural FR "salt" treatments with hand fitted wool tufts to bond the fillings together for support and longevity
  2. Up to 1500 GSM 100% certified Organic British wool sleep layers
  3. Coconut Coir Pads - fine strands of coconut husk woven in the most traditional way using the best possible spring insulator for a breathable base layer - enhancing hygiene, comfort and temperature regulation
  4. An amazing German design - 3000 pocket Air sprung unit which gives "tri level support". Excellent for all weights & sizes of people because as weight increases in particular places of your body, the top and lower spring become engaged and resist excess indentation and spinal curvature causing lower and middle backaches. Great for lighter people as the mattress will "let them in" for comfortable support, whilst also delivering good support for a heavier sleeper. It also delivers exceptional uninterrupted sleep with 'no roll' and jiggling motions disturbing sleeping partners
  5. Single sided manageable non-turn mattress
  6. 8 air vents for added airflow throughout the mattress giving good hygiene and body temperature regulation; also with 4 handles for easy movement 
  7. 3 rows of machine & hand fitted side stitches rounds off this exceptionally modern mattress while using healthy quality traditionally materials; for the connoisseurs of sleep
  8. firmness ratings (medium, medium firm & firm) are achieved by altering the volume of fillers & springs

Organic wool

We only use British organic wool in the top sleeping layers of all our mattresses because it is so much better for a deep sleep. It takes the heat away from your body when you perspire & keeps you warm; and if you are perspiring wool assists in trying and cooling the sleeping surface more than any fibre known to Man. It is how sheep live through the coldest winters and very warm summers; natures miracle fibre, never matched by anything man made.

It is essential to our health that our body can cool down and warm up throughout the night so that it can reach and maintain the deepest forms of sleep. This is called homeostasis and is necessary for a full physical and mental recovery from the day previous days challenges, whatever they are and whatever age you are. Mixing organic wool with great ventilation underneath and within our Mattresses is our manufacturing and design specialty. Comfort and support are in fact not as important as good homeostasis, but why choose when you can have all 3?

Quality natural fillers - No foams

We never use foams unlike 95% of all other mattresses. Foam, memory foam and viscose elastic mattresses return to their original shape and look visually beautifully rectangular and flat. But they deteriorate quickly in giving consistent support, becoming apparently saggy only when in use. Springs and natural fibres hold up much much longer; our organic mattress range contain no foams.

Quality fillers are supportive, comfortable and healthy, and wholesome products weigh more. Many people wish to only rotate a single sided mattress, which is much easier than flipping a double sided mattress over. Double sided mattresses are 40% heavier, so producing really well made single sided mattresses is very practical.

We are proud to use good materials as much as possible, as in our natural cotton covers. We have no bleach, fungicides, or pesticides applied to the finished cotton fabric. The upside is a vast reduction in VOC 'off fumes' and a much lower negative impact on your health & the environment. The mattress may slightly discolour with age and show signs of any excessive perspiration, but this will be dramatically reduced by using a mattress protector. Of course, a mattress protector which can be washed regularly avoids much of the above and increases hygiene, reduces allergies and so on.

Note: many "breathable" cotton mattress covers/ protectors are actually lined with plastic, often claiming the benefit of being "spill-proof & stain reducing" : they do anything other than breathe! They're in-expensive to produce and completely undermine your bodies need to be able to temperature regulate, which the sleeping layers inside our organic wool mattresses promote exceptionally well; 2nd to none.

  Free returns

When we say free returns, we mean free returns, hassle free no questions asked. There are no excess handling fees, restock fees, penalties fees, damage fees.. nothing.

If we delivered to you, we come and collect from the very room where we delivered to, free. Unlike virtually every other company, you can have all of your money back or you can option whether you want to invest in a different mattress for a trial, provided we think we can meet your needs. It's good to know, if you found virtually the right mattress with us but just wanted to make it a little bit different with a second mattress, it's a free trial just like the first trial mattress- completely free and refundable in full

We don't want to mess around with semantics and our return rate on our organic mattresses has been phenomenally low. A comfortable mattress is a comfortable mattresses, it must do the job regardless of the ticket price. Our most in-expensive mattresses are not the cheapest around, because they're made to be good to a responsible level. And our most expensive mattresses are of the best to be found, but sold directly from us to you at manufacturer prices.


All our mattresses are guaranteed, the most in-expensive coil sprung for 5 years and our pocket sprung range for 10 years. From the moment you receive your mattress, including the 10 Week Free Trial perod and onwards, your mattress is guaranteed against all defective workmanship and materials.

Some settlement always happens within any mattress over time — minor indentations of the fillers should be expected, particularly in the first weeks of use, and are perfectly normal. Indeed, the most expensive natural mattresses in the world "expect the body to start to form its shape and imprint on the surfaces of the mattress". This in no way affects the quality of support but enhances more active support across the contact points of your body. You must help to balance this out by regularly rotating any of our single sided mattresses (rotate head to toe) every couple weeks. Additionally, our double sided mattresses must be flipped (turned upside down) after the second week of use, and then seasonally repeated. This allows the fillers to relax, rebound, remain resilient and supports the guarantee terms.

If you have any issues, our Customer Care Team are easy to contact. For the most efficient response please send an email to [email protected] with a brief description of the issue as well as any supporting images to help them diagnose and resolve the issue remotely.   See full terms here.

  • 10 Years Guarantee on Pocket Sprung Mattress

    A 10 year guarantee on all Pocket Sprung mattresses

  • 5 Years Guarantee on Coil Sprung Mattress

    A 5 year guarantee on all Coil Sprung mattresses

We're 96% sure that you’ll love your new bed & mattress!

...a perfect sleep for everyone

  • My new range of cotton, organic wool and natural material mattresses are amazing. Whether you’re on a budget or you want the best mattress money can buy, we’ve got it.

    Being an online business allows me to offer all of this at wholesale prices and sell kids mattresses for virtually no profit, and we do!


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