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Warren’s Way

The fact that I learnt how to make beds before I learned the months of the year (being on the spectrum and slightly dyslexic!), still makes me smile.

I was 17 when I started making wooden beds in my little Clerkenwell workshop and selling them directly to the readers of Timeout magazine. Not long after that I started selling mattresses to accompany my beds. So for the last 43 years I have been totally immersed in bed & mattress making,... and how it supports quality sleep.

Making and designing is my first love; I am obsessive about quality, service and ethics. I really enjoy being hands on, working and crafting items that every-day people need.

Over the years I’ve been honoured to win several accolades – mainly for the quality, value and ethical nature of the products we produce and service we give.

I’m keen for that to continue.

...a perfect sleep for everyone

  • I’ve made a good reputation for my quality products over the past 40 years. Having designed and sold nearly a million beds & mattresses directly to customers has given me a real understanding of what makes a 'perfect sleep' for everyone.

  • British

  • Direct

  • Independent

  • Simple

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