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Mattress Care

Our double-sided mattresses should be turned (flipped) over with the seasons and also rotated by 180 degrees every few weeks, to maintain that brand-new feeling, protect their support system and allow them to breathe properly. You can also vacuum the surface of your mattress regularly to keep it as dust free as possible.

For the best possible hygiene, we strongly recommend using a mattress protector. This can help to eliminate dust and allergies. In fact, we really think it’s a good idea to have to two - so that you can change your protector every time you change your sheets.

There’s nothing you can do to make a soft mattress firmer, but a topper can add comfort to a mattress that feels too firm. A good topper can really help with the period of adjustment when settling in to a new mattress, especially if you’re worried it’s a bit too firm.


Our mattresses all covered by guarantee.

After the 40+40 trial period:

Your mattress is still guaranteed after the 40+40 trial period is over. Our guarantee covers defective workmanship and materials; it does not cover wear & tear, natural aging or any external factors that affect or damage the mattress.

Some settlement always happen within any mattress over time – minor indentations – this should be expected and is perfectly normal. You help to balance this out by regular turning and rotating of your mattress. This is why all our mattresses are double sided, turning and rotating allows the fillers to relax, rebound and become and less worn out.

Some issues can easily be resolved by the helpful advice of our Customer Care Team and do not require a replacement or repair. Please contact us via the Your account section of our website.  

Our guarantees are in addition to, and do not affect your statutory rights. All our mattresses are double sided and require turning from side to side monthly and rotating end to end every mid month of use to maintain the guarantee terms and the quality of the mattress.  

All Warren Evans mattresses are fully guaranteed against any fault caused by materials or workmanship.

  • A 10 year guarantee on:
    Organic 6000

  • An 8 year guarantee on:
    Wool 2000

  • A 7 year guarantee on:
    Cotton 1000

  • A 5 year guarantee on:
    Cotton 135
    Wool 135

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