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Welcome to our advice section where you’ll find handy tips on everything from how to choose the perfect mattress, to sleep tips, styling and storage ideas.

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Buying a mattress 101: which mattress is right for me?

Today’s mattresses retailers seem to be in a race to the bottom. Single sided mattresses, especially memory foam, are flooding the market. Sadly, most consumers don’t realise they are paying full price for what is effectively only half the mattress. At the same time, the truly high-quality natural wool and cotton products are marked up astronomically, or sometimes parade latex as a natural healthy sleep surface.

Here are some helpful hints for finding a great mattress and not getting caught out on the price.

Choose a mattress that is built to last!

Any quality manufacturer of mattress will tell that double-sided mattresses last longer. The ability to use both sides allows to have better comfort and support for longer and reduces the effects of wear and tear. Just think: if you always sleep in the same spot, it will inevitably wear our faster. Additionally, pay attention to the finishing techniques employed by the maker: hand tufted and hand side stitched mattresses will help to retain the shape of the mattress while you sit on the edge. This will also stop the fillers sliding and shifting out of place, protect from wear and tear for longer and be far more comfortable through the years. 

Our mattresses are all double-sided, and they will see out the term of their guarantee easily. We put 40 years and nearly a million mattress of experience into brilliant traditional designs to make them fit for purpose. We also invested more time and money in our mattress designs is to be more environmentally friendly. Single sided mattresses and foams are not bio degradable and as they are replaced more often, they simply add to more pollution and unsustainable waste. Better mattresses last longer and help reduce carbon footprint. 

Choose materials that will help regulate body temperature and prevent over or under-heating

For good restorative night’s sleep, you need to be at a comfortable temperature in bed. To fall asleep your brain sends signals to reduce your body temperature and divert energy to important processes designed to help your body and mind to heal and regenerate. As the temperature reductions involved are essential, the ambient temperature in the room and under your covers can greatly impact this process. If your mattress keeps you too hot, the increased body temperature signals to your body it is time to be awake, disrupting the deeper stages of your sleep, causing restless nights and not being your best self the next day. Your body will also perspire more in an effort to cool itself.

When we are young the effects of a poor mattress and sleeping environment are less obvious, we abound with energy and it often goes unnoticed. But not achieving a cooling of the bodies coor temperature interrupts and halts the 4 to 6 cycles of deep regenerative sleep essential for health and happiness. Age most effectively delivers the message to all of us in the form of illness, exhaustion, depression and pain.

In particular, this greatly impacts the quality of sleep for women going through cycles, pregnancy and menopause. If the temperature is too low, your brain redirects heat to protect your core, leaving extremities like arms and feet feeling uncomfortably cold. Your body then has to work harder to warm itself, which again sends wrong signals and disrupts your sleep.


Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, temperature regulation is essential for good restorative sleep that rejuvenates the body and mind. Wool is a naturally breathable material that works perfectly to help regulate temperature in mattresses. Its crimped fibres don’t align themselves too closely when spun into yarn, making it possible to create a unique textile with air spaces occupying about two-thirds of its volume. It effectively creates an air wall to help insulate your body. Wool is also naturally absorbent, and, on a molecular level, it literally attracts water molecules within the air and away from you. This process is essential for your body’s temperature regulation as wool wicks away the very moisture that your body perspires in order to keep it cool. Simultaneously, this improves your mattress hygiene and leaves you feeling cool and dry. 

Cotton is another one of nature’s wonders. It is naturally absorbent, and its irregular fibres create supremely comfortable to touch textile, ideal for a mattress cover. Cotton is also amazing for sensitive skin, so make sure that you chose a mattress with a 100% natural cotton cover. 

Know your GSM!!! 

This is something that mattress retailers do not want you to know and they either hide it or simply pretend it doesn’t exist. GSM stands for ‘grams per square meter’ and is the standard measure of density in the textile industry. It is the way to compare how much of a good thing is in the mattress. Sadly, a lot of manufacturers place a wafer-thin layer of natural material, like wool, cashmere, silk, or even cotton! on top of a cheap foam and boast of it being a natural mattress for its inclusion. Once you look into this, you will easily discern real quality from the impostors and rip off merchants! 

We proudly display all of our fillers and their GSM on the product page for you to review and compare with genuine competitors.

Choose a spring system designed for support and ventilation.

People move in their sleep; in fact, you move in your sleep on average every 28 minutes. It is as natural as breathing, but with the wrong mattress in place it can spell disaster for you and your partner’s sleep. Pocket springs and memory foam both work perfectly to mitigate that movement and both help you not to disturb your partner, however, pocket springs have a distinct advantage in two key areas: ventilation and responsiveness. 

Pocket spring mattresses have hollow spaces inside, and in between, the springs that allow for air to flow though. As you move naturally in your sleep the springs compress and relax, pulling air in and out like lungs. This heat exchange process is more pronounced in better mattresses that also have air vents as they promote even faster flow of air, keeping your mattress cool and fresh as you sleep. Advanced designs also utilise micro pocket springs that further help to push air deeper into the sleep fillers and promote freshness and air flow.

Many customers report that they literally feel trapped in memory foam mattresses. While the moulding and contouring sounds great in principle, it creates a very impractical effect for most, moderate discomfort for the elderly who suffer with hips issues, and a very serious potential threat to the very youngest of children who may not be able to turn if on their front. Pocket spring mattresses provide a firmer support and work with your body to respond appropriately when you move. Investing a little more into a well-made pocket spring mattress will pay dividends for many years.

Get the biggest mattress that the room allows for

Choosing a double over a king size bed to reclaim a little space in your bedroom may cost you dearly! An adult wouldn’t want to sleep on a small single mattress (75cm wide) for very long, but if you consider that each adult in a couple occupying a standard UK double gets to sleep on exactly that, it is no wonder that you are not getting great sleep. Just by increasing 6 inches in the width of the mattress from a 4’6 double to a 5’0 king it shows a massive difference in quality of sleep when you're sleeping with a partner. It’s hard to believe but we spend a third of our lives in bed and it’s important to make sleep comfortable and refreshing so you can get up happy and energised to tackle the remaining two thirds (and whatever life throws at you)!

Consider the aftercare services…

When making a purchase make sure you consider reputation of the retailer. will they deliver on the promises they make at the point of sale? Many companies simply do not offer meaningful guarantees or make it terribly difficult to claim on them. Beware of companies selling you additional protection that in reality be part of the purchase price. they break up the price of the product and aftercare to show you two smaller amounts that ultimately sum up to more than you should actually be paying but draw you in with a false promise of savings. Read the terms and conditions and compare warranty terms and chose the supplier that doesn’t make you jump through hoops to fix a problem. Look into the retailers returns process and chose one that will work on your terms and won’t leave you out of pocket for just trying to get rid of what isn’t right for you. Isn't that the best kind of service not to need?

Making great mattresses is an art and we pursue it with a passion. Why don’t you fall in love with sleep all over again! >>> Check out our wonderful range of mattresses today!