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Wool Washable washable protector


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Wool Washable

This beautifully made mattress protector is machine washable and constructed from soft, quilted cotton percale and a luxurious pure wool filling for supreme quality. Wool is a naturally resilient fibre with hygroscopic properties that enable it to absorb moisture, giving you a comfortable sleeping surface. Wool is also ideal for regulating body temperature, it helps keep you cool in the summer and acts as an insulator during winter.

  • Machine washable
  • Constructed from soft, quilted cotton percale
  • Luxurious pure wool filling for supreme quality
  • Elasticated cotton deep fitted skirt
  1. 100% pure cotton
  2. Deep fitting skirt (38cm)
  3. 100% natural wool filling

Consider these

...a perfect protector for everyone

  • My new range of cotton, organic wool and natural material mattresses are just amazing. Whether you’re on a budget or you want the best mattress money can buy, we’ve got it.

    Being online with no shops, makes us smaller and leaner, allowing me to offer better mattresses at better prices, and sell kids mattresses for zero profit.

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  • Simple

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