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Cotton 1000 Grand pocket spring


90cm x 190cm | 3'0 x 6'3

Cotton 1000See Comfort & Firmness →

There's no need to compromise between price and a child's night's sleep. This is a great no-nonsense pocket spring mattress at a great price.

A quality 1000 pocket spring unit creates a responsive base for contoured support for your body. The mattress is filled with a hypoallergenic aerated polyester pad and dual eco-insulator mattress pads. We use woven pads because they breathe well, wick away moisture, and regulate temperature almost as well as wool. These woven pads are made from 70% recycled plastic bottles, keeping 230 of them out of landfill for the average child's mattress. We never use foam or latex.

We also added 16 air vents for extra ventilation and 4 handles for easy handling.

It's double-sided, so flip it over every now and then to allow the fillers to relax and rebound, prolonging the life of your mattress. It will feel just as comfortable and supportive after a few years as it did when it was first delivered.

  1. Natural cotton cover, 100% Egyptian cotton, no nasty FR chemicals & traditional tufted finish for durability
  2. 1150 GSM recycled polyester fibre comfort layer 
  3. 60gsm woven fabric or dual insulator eco-pad
  4. Quality 1000 individual pocket spring core support layer 
  5. 4 air vents for breathability and temperature control
  6. Double sided for lasting comfort and durability, with 3 rows of side stitching for shape retention
  7. 25cm deep


Our mattresses are all covered by guarantee.

After the 40 Night Free Trial all our mattresses continue to be guaranteed against all defective workmanship and materials; bar natural aging, wear & tear or external damage to the mattress.

Some settlement always happens within any mattress over time – minor indentations which should be expected and is perfectly normal. You can help to balance this out by the regular turning and rotating of your mattress. This is why all our mattresses are double sided, turning and rotating allows the fillers to relax, rebound and remain resilient.

Some issues can easily be resolved by the helpful advice of our Customer Care Team, avoiding replacement or repair. Please contact us via the Your account section of our website with any issues or qureries.  

Our guarantees are in addition to, and do not affect, your statutory rights. All our mattresses are double sided and require turning from side to side monthly and rotating end to end every mid month of use to maintain the guarantee's terms and the quality of the mattress.  

All Warren Evans mattresses are fully guaranteed against any fault caused by materials or workmanship.

  • A 10 year guarantee on:
    Organic 5000
    Organic 6000

  • An 8 year guarantee on:
    Natural 2000

  • A 7 year guarantee on:
    Cotton 1000
    Cotton 1500

  • A 5 year guarantee on:
    Cotton 135

We're 96% sure that you’ll love your new mattress

... with over a million customers served, surveys recorded that 96% happily benefited from better nights of sleep on their Warren Evans mattress

Our quality is that good that our free return & refund rate is 4% and historically under 2% enquiries recieved regarding all of our mattresses whilst under guarantee

Built to last...

What Our Customers Say


I have 4 children and I have had to change their mattresses many times, which has been costly! Getting good mattresses is not as easy as you think, I can tell that the Warren Evans mattresses are far more superior than previous mattresses I have purchased. They are superbly made and finished to a high standard, extremely comfortable, and I can tell that they are going to last for many years. My children sleep much better which has really improved their mood throughout the day.

Emma V.

Just wanted to thank you very much for a very comfortable night's sleep! I didn't want to get up this morning! Loving the new mattress and it's nice and firm too, just how I like it. Also your delivery guys were fantastic, really helpful and really friendly. Top service!! Glad I didn't buy from Emma mattresses, because I could really do without being sweaty and hot from foam.

Kathy R

We can recommend the mattress type as the independent springs mean much less (almost none at all) disturbed sleep due to partners moving around. We can also recommend going for a bigger size bed as the extra bit of space means we have more room to feel comfortable without invading each others space – bliss!


I suffer with back pain which can interfere with my sleep, since using my new mattress my sleep has improved and my back has actually not been as painful. I would recommend this mattress, it is visually appealing, very comfortable allowing for a good nights sleep. The whole experience has been excellent.

ESNA from London

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing service. One of your [sleep experts] called me to make sure I bought the right mattress and it turned out it was not. The mattress I now bought makes me sleep like an angel. Thank you.

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...a perfect sleep for everyone

  • My new range of cotton, organic wool and natural material mattresses are amazing. Whether you’re on a budget or you want the best mattress money can buy, we’ve got it.

    Being an online business allows me to offer all of this at wholesale prices – And I can even sell kids mattresses for zero profit, and we do!


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  • 83% Excellent
  • 9% Great
  • 4% Average
  • 2% Poor
  • Bad 2%

rated 4.9 out of 5

  • "Excellent beds & mattresses, service and delivery."
  • "All the staff were most helpful and the quality of the beds is excellent."
  • "Wonderful customer service to help us find the right bed for our mattress."

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