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40 to 50% off sale extended - ends monday

Firmness & Comfort

The firmness rating of each mattress is carefully altered by varying the volume of fillers, springs and natural filler types. As these ingredients increase they are carefully 'blended' to achieve higher levels of comfort and support for the years to come, they increase in value.

Very simply; for 45 years I have sold mattresses through my own large showrooms with 25+ mattresses displayed. The sales staff and I came to know a few simple undeniable facts:

  • People cannot judge a mattress without sleeping on it for some days, if not weeks, and that the bum on mattress - 20 minute lay down in the showroom rarely guides a better choice 
  • We knew which was the best and the most chosen mattress within each of the price ranges, assimilating the best of each category into my simple organic range
  • We have found that by using the medium – medium firm – firm ratings in choosing the mattress that you want, particularly if it is followed by a conversation or video link with my insightful and well-informed staff, you will virtually always get exactly the right Mattress. They really know how to understand and interpret what you're looking for, what you mean by firm, comfortable and so on.

It works so well that our return rate is very low - over 95% of the first delivered mattress are approved by their owners! And always, if you're not happy with the first or the second mattress, it won't cost you a penny. We will collect for free wherever we delivered to with a full refund. 

Observer Ethical Awards Presented by Lucy Siegle & Colin Firth

  • Photo of Lucy Siegle, David Attenborough and Colin FirthDavid Attenborough Lifetime achievement award
  • Photo of Lucy Siegle, Warren Evans and Colin FirthWarren Evans Best ethical retailer
  • I’ve made a good reputation for my quality products over the past 45 years. Having designed, made and sold over a million beds & mattresses directly from my Workshops has given me a real understanding of what makes 'perfect sleep' for everyone and I care a lot about making sure I delivere the best of values

    Organic wool, quality springs, no foams & no latex (rubber) mattress layers. Just natural fillers with natural anti-allergens and virtually no VOC off-fumes. Water-based stains and finishes on all our FSC wood products - built to last & excellent value

9,068 reviews

rated 4.9 out of 5

  • "Excellent beds & mattresses, service and delivery."
  • "All the staff were most helpful and the quality of the beds is excellent."
  • "Wonderful customer service to help us find the right bed for our mattress."

...a perfect sleep for everyone

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