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Our range of mattress protectors has been put together to offer everyone extra protection for their mattress.

We always recommend using a mattress protector, because the surface area of your mattress is big, used every night and not otherwise washable. In fact, we recommend that you buy two, so that you can have one on the bed and one in the wash – that way, you can change it every time you change your sheets. We also recommend using a protector over your mattress topper, they’re easier to wash!

Research has shown that we each shed more than 2.5 kilos of skin flakes during sleep over a year, and we can sweat as much as a pint and half into our mattress in a week! A mattress protector is really the only way to keep your mattress clean and hygienic.

As well as protecting your mattress from life’s little accidents (and little people), our natural mattress protectors also help with body temperature regulation - keeping you cool when it’s warm and adding an extra layer of insulation when it’s cold.

...a perfect protector for everyone

  • I’ve built a good reputation for quality products over the past 40 years. I have designed and sold nearly a million mattresses directly to customers and I’ve developed real understanding of what makes a perfect sleep for everyone.

    My passion has always been about making quality products that are people and planet friendly. We have created a quality range of toppers and protectors that we sell at great prices to protect your mattress, add comfort and to promote good health and hygiene.

  • British

  • Direct

  • Independent

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