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Air Cooled Mattress logo
Air Cooled Mattress logo
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  • I was tired out

    I’m having hot flashes

    I had poor sleep

    – like so many people

as we fall asleep our body temperature of 36.6°c only needs to cool by 2°c but no colder?

so why on earth are we having trouble with overheating? the ideal room temperature is 17°c but...

95% of all big “name brand” mattresses contain foam very bad for you ?

or versions of foam other names for it?

or organic latex this is bad too?

they don’t allow air circulation which causes over-heating & they certainly don’t wick away moisture, essentially keeping the sleep surface damp serious health issue

for these reasons, I’ve always had a naturally filled sprung mattress, but I wanted to design a mattress that would allow air to be pushed into it from a fan layer underneath, so I designed these...

air cooled mattress

this single sided air cooled mattress is 23cm deep and easy to rotate. It is engineered to welcome air from underneath via the 5cm deep ‘air shelf’supplied.

Air Cooled Mattress expanded

air shelf

the air shelf is virtually unnoticeable in day-to-day life as it’s made slightly shorter & narrower than the mattress above it. This also makes putting on fitted sheets much easier. complete with a low energy plug, a 3m lead and a air controller for each side of the bed.

Air Cooled Mattress logo
Air Cooled Mattress logo

Air Cooled Mattress

sits on any bed – no alterations

the air cooled mattress and shelf are supplied in ready to use sections that lay straight on top of or into your current bed frame. these are fully compatible with curved slats, straight slats or solid top ‘divan’ beds (please consult us for use on ‘ottoman’ beds). once in place, the shelf stays put, only the mattress needs rotating from time-to-time.

cool for you

The air cooled mattress system brings a big increase in the quality of anyone’s sleep

the power to ‘cool start’ your sleep

the air circulates throughout the natural coconut fibres and organic wool layers, which keeps it fresher day-to-day and lasts many years longer

allows your body to regulate its own temperature naturally

organic wool, combined with the air-flow shelf, are essential to optimising the evaporation process

...great for a fresher, deeper nights sleep

11 pence

the cost per night to power the air cooled mattress

cool for the environment

the air shelf and its fans are engineered for efficiency, i.e. if you cooled the mattress for an hour, slept on it for 8 and then aired it out for another hour whilst you begin your day, it would use only 0.2 kW of electricity. at 28 pence per kW, it’s under 11 pence a night. based on october 2022 energy prices

increased hygiene and health, by eliminating harmful mould caused by dampness found in all mattresses

top quality whisper-silent fans built to last for 10+ years of normal use

the air shelf uses natural FSC wood

good air circulation allows the mattress to dry thoroughly night after night, maintaining the natural quality fillers in low humidity.

100% cotton covers with natural fire retardancy no VOC toxicity

brushed multi-weave British organic wool check out this amazing natural material

‘air streaming’ coconut husk woven pads old school’ quality

german design 3000 pocket springs excellent support ever

enhanced ‘clear-air’ flow pockets benefits of air flow

looking forward

  • Photo of Ray

  • the people who have the air cooled mattresses love them. most were reluctant to introduce the idea of small fans pushing air, but they are converted advocates!

    I observed that we often misunderstand our bodies needs, and I’ve used these insights to develop the air cooled mattress system.

    • what often makes us feel hot, stuffy and sick during the night are toxins being unable to be released from our bodies as our mattresses remain far too hot, wet and humid.

    • we think we want to sleep on 15°c temperature mattresses to keep cool, but in fact we cannot possibly sleep on anything colder than 28°c.

    our body is amazing at controlling our temperature. in order to do this it is essential that we;

    1. sleep on a dry surface that is thoroughly aerated

    2. need a 30°c micro-climate around us, which is why we need blankets/duvets

    we can then have perfect sleep as we unconsciously control covering or uncovering ourselves and sweat or snuggle-in to regulate temperature.

what people say

  • Comfort

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  • Cool Sleep

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  • Fresh

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better sleep – better life

  • I’ve made a good reputation for my quality products over the past 45 years. Having designed, made and sold over a million beds & mattresses directly from my Workshops has given me a real understanding of what makes 'perfect sleep' for everyone and I care a lot about making sure I delivere the best of values

    Organic wool, quality springs, no foams & no latex (rubber) mattress layers. Just natural fillers with natural anti-allergens and virtually no VOC off-fumes. Water-based stains and finishes on all our FSC wood products - built to last & excellent value

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...a perfect sleep for everyone

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